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Adams12 School Locations

​You can view the view the map by school type by clicking the different views found below.  To see additional views, click the "..."
Arapahoe Ridge Elementary13095 Pecos St, Westminster, CO  80234(720)972-5740Katherine Vogel
Bollman Technical Education Center9451 Washington St, Thornton, CO  80229(720)972-5820Janet Renden
Centennial Elementary13200 Westlake Dr, Broomfield, CO  80020(720)972-5280Christine Parkes
Century Middle School13000 Lafayette St, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5240sp_install2
Cherry Drive Elementary11500 Cherry Dr, Thornton, CO  80233(720)972-5300Tina Hepp
Coronado Hills Elementary8300 Downing Dr, Denver, CO  80229(720)972-5320Donald Beuke
Cotton Creek Elementary11100 Vrain St, Westminster, CO  80030(720)972-5340sp_install2
Coyote Ridge Elementary13770 Broadlands Dr, Broomfield, CO  80020(720)972-5780Michael Keppler
Crossroads Alternative School10900 Huron St, Northglenn, CO  80234(720)972-5900Alan Hollenbeck
District Preschool455 Eppinger Blvd, Thornton, CO  80229(720)972-6002sp_install2
Eagleview Elementary4601 Summit Grove Pkwy, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5760sp_install2
Educational Support Center1500 E 128th Ave, Thornton, CO 80241720-972-4000Christopher Gdowski
Federal Heights Elementary2500 W 96th Ave, Denver, CO  80260(720)972-5360sp_install2
Gateway to College3645 W 112th Ave, Westminster, CO  80031(303)404-5167Matthew Schmidt
Glacier Peak Elementary12060 Jasmine St, Thornton, CO  80602(720)972-5940Timothy Griffin
Hillcrest Elementary10335 Croke Dr, Northglenn, CO  80260(720)972-5380sp_install2
Horizon High School5321 E 136th Ave, Thornton, CO  80602(720)972-4400sp_install2
Hulstrom K-811551 Wyco Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-5400Judith Madsen
Hunters Glen Elementary13222 Corona St, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5440sp_install2
Independence Academy550 E 124th Ave, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-6560Katrina Fernandez
Legacy High School2701 W 136th Ave, Broomfield, CO  80023(720)972-6700sp_install2
Leroy Drive Elementary1451 Leroy Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-5460Teresa Benallo
Malley Drive Elementary1300 Malley Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-5480sp_install2
McElwain Elementary1020 Dawson Dr, Denver, CO  80229(720)972-5500sp_install2
Meridian Elementary14265 McKay Park Cir, Broomfield, CO  80020(720)972-7880Matthew Haviland
Mountain Range High School12500 Huron St, Westminster, CO  80234(720)972-6300Julie Enger
Mountain View Elementary12401 Perry St, Broomfield, CO  80020(720)972-5520Lynn Saltzgaver
North Mor Elementary9580 Damon St, Northglenn, CO  80260(720)972-5540sp_install2
North Star Elementary8740 North Star Dr, Thornton, CO  80260(720)972-5560Grace Taylor
Northglenn High School601 W 100th Pl, Northglenn, CO  80260(720)972-4600Sharee Blunt
Northglenn Middle School1123 Muriel Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-5080Jami Miller
Pathways Futures Center550 E 124th Ave, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-4723Matthew Schmidt
Prairie Hills Elementary13801 Garfield Pl, Thornton, CO  80602(720)972-8780sp_install2
Prospect Ridge Academy2555 Preble Creek Pkwy, Broomfield, CO  80023(720)399-0300April Wilkin
Riverdale Elementary10724 Elm Dr, Thornton, CO  80233(720)972-5580Kristin Powers
Rocky Mountain Elementary3350 W 99th Ave, Westminster, CO  80030(720)972-5600sp_install2
Rocky Top Middle School14150 York St, Thornton, CO  80602(720)972-2200Chelsea Behanna
Shadow Ridge Middle School12551 Holly St, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5040Susan Wickham
Silver Creek Elementary15101 Fillmore St, Thornton, CO  80602(720)972-3941Darren Oliver
Silver Hills Middle School12400 Huron St, Westminster, CO  80234(720)972-5000Julie Evans
Skyview Elementary5021 E 123rd Ave, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5620Stephanie Auday
Stargate Charter School14530 Washington St., Thornton, CO 80023(303)450-3936sp_install2
Stellar Elementary3901 E 124th Ave, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-2340Jennifer Buck
STEM Lab11700 Irma Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-3340Tracy Tellinger
STEM Launch9450 Pecos St, Thornton, CO  80260(720)972-5120Kellie Lauth
Stukey Elementary11080 Grant Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-5420Lori Bailey
Tarver Elementary3500 Summit Grove Pkwy, Thornton, CO  80241(720)972-5640Christopher Trujillo
The International School at Thornton Middle9451 Hoffman Way, Thornton, CO  80229(720)972-5160sp_install2
The Studio School10604 Grant Dr, Northglenn, CO  80233(720)972-3620Sharla Kaczar
Thornton Elementary991 Eppinger Blvd, Thornton, CO  80229(720)972-5660Mary Miller
Thornton High School9351 Washington St, Thornton, CO  80229(720)972-4800Jennifer Skrobela
Vantage Point10900 Huron St, Northglenn, CO  80234(720)972-5800Alan Hollenbeck
Vista View10900 Huron St, Northglenn, CO  80234(720)972-5810sp_install2
Westgate Charter School12500 Washington Street, Thornton, CO  80241(720)555-5555Sharon Collins
Westlake Middle School2800 W 135th Ave, Broomfield, CO  80020(720)972-5200sp_install2
Westview Elementary1300 Roseanna Dr, Northglenn, CO  80234(720)972-5680sp_install2
Woodglen Elementary11717 Madison St, Thornton, CO  80233(720)972-5700sp_install2