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Meeting Minutes
Count= 8
Adams 12 Post Secondary Tracking Training.docx
SchedulingSecretary/Registrar; Administrator; CounselorItem is currently unrated.
Automated Student Roll.doc
Scheduling; Enrollment/WithdrawalAdministrator; Counselor; Secretary/Registrar; Office Manager/BookkeeperCurrent average rating is 5 stars.
Calendar_Bell Schedule_Setup.docx
SchedulingAdministrator; Counselor; Office Manager/Bookkeeper; Secretary/RegistrarItem is currently unrated.
Changing A Students Classes.doc
SchedulingCounselor; Secretary/Registrar; Office Manager/Bookkeeper; Support StaffItem is currently unrated.
Checklist for Scheduling.doc
Scheduling; Course/Section; Student Information; System AdministrationSecretary/Registrar; Office Manager/BookkeeperItem is currently unrated.
Creating a Campus Community Account.docx
Student Information; System Administration; Scheduling; Course/SectionOffice Manager/Bookkeeper; Secretary/Registrar; Support Staff; Teacher; Administrator; Counselor; District Staff; Health AideItem is currently unrated.
Days Tab Calendar Set Up.docx
System Administration; Attendance; SchedulingDistrict Staff; Office Manager/Bookkeeper; Secretary/Registrar; Support StaffItem is currently unrated.
Teacher of Record.docx
Instruction; SchedulingSecretary/RegistrarItem is currently unrated.