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Folder: AdmissionsAdmissions
Folder: IC Meeting MinutesIC Meeting Minutes
201109 Schools of Choice.pdf201109 Schools of Choice
201203 Schools of Choice.pdf201203 Schools of Choice
201209 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201209 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201209 Meeting Minutes.pdf201209 Meeting Minutes
201210 EDKP Timeline School Use.pdf201210 EDKP Timeline School Use
201210 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201210 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201210 Meeting Minutes.pdf201210 Meeting Minutes
201210 REMINDERS Oct 2012.pdf201210 REMINDERS Oct 2012
201211 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201211 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201211 Meeting Minutes.pdf201211 Meeting Minutes
201212 IC Meeting Minutes.pdf201212 IC Meeting Minutes
201301 IC Meeting Minutes.pdf201301 IC Meeting Minutes
201301 January 2013 IC Meeting.pdf201301 January 2013 IC Meeting
201302 Enter Students Final Grades.pdf201302 Enter Students Final Grades
201302 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201302 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201302 IC Meeting Minutes.pdf201302 IC Meeting Minutes
201302 Summary of Behavior Management Instructions.pdf201302 Summary of Behavior Management Instructions
201303 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201303 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201303 ICMeetingMinutes.pdf201303 ICMeetingMinutes
201304 Choice IC Meeting.pdf201304 Choice IC Meeting
201304 IC Meeting Minutes.pdf201304 IC Meeting Minutes
201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes (1).pdf201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes (1)
201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.docx201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes.pdf201305 IC Choice Meeting Minutes
2013-09-Admission Office Address verification ltr 2013-14 beg of school.pdf2013-09-Admission Office Address verification ltr 2013-14 beg of school
2013-09-Admission Office Address verification ltr Sp.pdf2013-09-Admission Office Address verification ltr Sp
2013-09-DRAFT Withdrawal Form K-8.docx2013-09-DRAFT Withdrawal Form K-8
2013-09-Enrollment-Withdrawal Coding.docx2013-09-Enrollment-Withdrawal Coding
2013-09-Legal Form Reminders.docx2013-09-Legal Form Reminders
2013-09-Oct Count Cheat Sheet for Registrars.docx2013-09-Oct Count Cheat Sheet for Registrars
2013-09-Oct Count Eligible for Pupil Count Cheat sheet.docx2013-09-Oct Count Eligible for Pupil Count Cheat sheet
2013-09-Oct Count Instructions to run Reports.docx2013-09-Oct Count Instructions to run Reports
2013-09-Oct Count Notification to other Districts.pdf2013-09-Oct Count Notification to other Districts
2013-09-Oct Count Pupil Count Window Sporadic Attendance Grid.docx2013-09-Oct Count Pupil Count Window Sporadic Attendance Grid
2013-09-October Count Presentation.pptx2013-09-October Count Presentation
2013-09-Registrar Mtg Minutes.docx2013-09-Registrar Mtg Minutes
2013-11-Migrant Education brochure.pdf2013-11-Migrant Education brochure
2013-11-Registar Mtg Minutes.docx2013-11-Registar Mtg Minutes
2013-11-SBG for SSS Registrar information.docx2013-11-SBG for SSS Registrar information
2019-20 Admissions Handbook.pdf2019-20 Admissions Handbook
2019-20 Registrar Phone List - 2019-2020.pdf2019-20 Registrar Phone List - 2019-2020
2019-20_Grade Placement of Students from Other Countries.pdf2019-20_Grade Placement of Students from Other Countries
602-412 Household Change Form revised 11_17.pdf602-412 Household Change Form revised 11_17
602-412 Household Change Form_Sp_revised 11_17.pdf602-412 Household Change Form_Sp_revised 11_17
602-420 Choice Application.pdf602-420 Choice Application
602-420 Choice Application_sp.pdf602-420 Choice Application_sp
602-421 Declaration of Residence.pdf602-421 Declaration of Residence
602-421 Declaration of Residence_sp.pdf602-421 Declaration of Residence_sp
602-422 Family-Initiated Transfer Application.pdf602-422 Family-Initiated Transfer Application
602-422 Family-Initiated Transfer Application_sp.pdf602-422 Family-Initiated Transfer Application_sp
Ad Hoc Examples.docxAd Hoc Examples
Ad Hoc Features.docxAd Hoc Features
Ad Hoc Filter Operators.docxAd Hoc Filter Operators
Ad Hoc Pass-Through Queries.docxAd Hoc Pass-Through Queries
Ad Hoc Training Examples.docxAd Hoc Training Examples
Ad Hoc Unexcused Tardies.docxAd Hoc Unexcused Tardies
AD12 Current Year Graduation Cohort.docAD12 Current Year Graduation Cohort
AD12 Reporting Services.docAD12 Reporting Services
AD12 Reports - Athlethic Treatment Log.docxAD12 Reports - Athlethic Treatment Log
AD12 Reports CSAPA.docAD12 Reports CSAPA
AD12 Reports Fees.docAD12 Reports Fees
AD12 Reports Financial Transparency.docAD12 Reports Financial Transparency
AD12 Reports Incoming Students.docAD12 Reports Incoming Students
AD12 Reports Literacy Plan.docAD12 Reports Literacy Plan
AD12 Reports NWEA.docxAD12 Reports NWEA
AD12 Reports Outreach Services.docAD12 Reports Outreach Services
AD12 Reports Principal Teacher Packets.docAD12 Reports Principal Teacher Packets
AD12 Reports Supplemental Educational Services.docAD12 Reports Supplemental Educational Services
AD12 Reports Transportation Bus Ride Detail.docAD12 Reports Transportation Bus Ride Detail
AD12 Reports Transportation Quarterly Bill.docAD12 Reports Transportation Quarterly Bill
AD12 Reports.docAD12 Reports
AD12 Student Exceptions Report.docxAD12 Student Exceptions Report
Adams 12 Post Secondary Tracking Training_2019-2020.docxAdams 12 Post Secondary Tracking Training_2019-2020
Adams12 Reporting Services.docAdams12 Reporting Services
Adding Teacher Team Name to Student.docAdding Teacher Team Name to Student
ALP Documentation.docALP Documentation
ALP Outcomes Only.docALP Outcomes Only
Appendix-State Definitions Central Enrollment.docxAppendix-State Definitions Central Enrollment
April 2014 Registrar Meeting Minutes.docxApril 2014 Registrar Meeting Minutes
Attendance by Student.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughAttendance by Student.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughAttendance by Student
Attendance Letters.docxAttendance Letters
Attendance Substitute Roster.docxAttendance Substitute Roster
Attendance Wizard.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughAttendance Wizard.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughAttendance Wizard
Attendance Wizard.pdfAttendance Wizard
Automated Student Roll.docAutomated Student Roll
B1-IC Attendance Codes.docxB1-IC Attendance Codes
Behavior Letter Wizard.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior Letter Wizard.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior Letter Wizard
Behavior Referral.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior Referral.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior Referral
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior.doc
Checked Out To: Lori LoughBehavior
Blank New Fee Template.xlsxBlank New Fee Template
Calendar Setup Bell Schedule Validation_2019-2020.docxCalendar Setup Bell Schedule Validation_2019-2020
Campus Community Registration.docxCampus Community Registration
Campus Instruction 5.2015.docx
Checked Out To: Lori LoughCampus Instruction 5.2015.docx
Checked Out To: Lori LoughCampus Instruction 5.2015
Campus Messenger Teacher.docxCampus Messenger Teacher
Campus Mobile App 08-12 Sp.pdfCampus Mobile App 08-12 Sp
Campus Mobile App.pdfCampus Mobile App
Campus Portal Self Service.docxCampus Portal Self Service
Campus Portal Self Service.pdfCampus Portal Self Service
Canned Comments.docxCanned Comments
Card Access.docxCard Access
CDE End Status Codes.docCDE End Status Codes
CELA Incoming Students.docxCELA Incoming Students
Census Mailing Labels.docCensus Mailing Labels
Changing A Students Classes.docChanging A Students Classes
Charter School Directory (13-14).pdfCharter School Directory (13-14)
Charter Schools website access.docxCharter Schools website access
Checklist for Opening Parent Portal_rev.docxChecklist for Opening Parent Portal_rev
Checklist for Scheduling.docChecklist for Scheduling
Class Instruction Type.docxClass Instruction Type
CMIC Placement Summary.docCMIC Placement Summary
Composite Grading.docComposite Grading
Confirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (English).docConfirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (English)
Confirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (English).docConfirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (English)
Confirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (Spanish).docConfirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (Spanish)
Confirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (Spanish).docConfirmation of Enrollment and AttendanceRecords Request (Spanish)
Copy of IC Conversion Task List.xlsxCopy of IC Conversion Task List
Copying Data from IC to Excel.docxCopying Data from IC to Excel
Course Request Process School.docCourse Request Process School
Course Setup Grading.docCourse Setup Grading
Creating a Campus Community Account.docxCreating a Campus Community Account
Credit Summary Tab.docxCredit Summary Tab
CUME Label Query.docxCUME Label Query
Custom Conference Tab.docCustom Conference Tab
Custom CSAPA.docCustom CSAPA
Custom Fee Exempt Self Identified.docCustom Fee Exempt Self Identified
Custom H504.docCustom H504
Custom Literacy Plan.docCustom Literacy Plan
Custom Sped Program Identification.docCustom Sped Program Identification
Custom Tab - Athletic Conditions.docxCustom Tab - Athletic Conditions
Custom Tab - Zonar.docCustom Tab - Zonar
Days Tab Calendar Set Up.docxDays Tab Calendar Set Up
Demographic Updates.docDemographic Updates
District_OLR Staff Processing.docDistrict_OLR Staff Processing
Elementary ELD and ESL.docxElementary ELD and ESL
elementary grade cards by school.pdfelementary grade cards by school
Elementary Report Card End of Year Processing.pdfElementary Report Card End of Year Processing
Elementary Student Schedule Example.pdfElementary Student Schedule Example
Elementary Teacher Class List.pdfElementary Teacher Class List
Elementary Teacher Grading.docxElementary Teacher Grading
Enrollment Pupil Attendance.xlsxEnrollment Pupil Attendance
Enrollment Reconcilation.pdfEnrollment Reconcilation
Enter Student's Final Grades.docxEnter Student's Final Grades
Exporting and Mail Merge.docxExporting and Mail Merge
Face To Face Procedures 01092019.docFace To Face Procedures 01092019
Fee Wizard (to merge into Fees).docFee Wizard (to merge into Fees)
Fees Households.docFees Households
Fees Student (to merge into Fees 2).docFees Student (to merge into Fees 2)
Fees Student (to merge into Fees).docFees Student (to merge into Fees)
GPA Check.docxGPA Check
GPA Explanation.docxGPA Explanation
Grade Card Secondary.docxGrade Card Secondary
Gradebook View.docxGradebook View
Grading Window.docGrading Window
Graduation Class of 2021 and Beyond.docxGraduation Class of 2021 and Beyond
Guardian Documentation.docxGuardian Documentation
Guidelines for Withdrawing Students.pdfGuidelines for Withdrawing Students
Help With HEAT Self Service.docxHelp With HEAT Self Service
High School Weekly Progress Reporting.pdfHigh School Weekly Progress Reporting
Household Data Entry.docHousehold Data Entry
How to save report cards in a pdf file.docxHow to save report cards in a pdf file
IC - Google Groups.docxIC - Google Groups
IC - Google Site.docxIC - Google Site
IC 101.pdfIC 101
IC Chrome Browser Settings.docxIC Chrome Browser Settings
IC Messenger Snow Closure.docIC Messenger Snow Closure
IC Teacher Newsletter.docxIC Teacher Newsletter
IC-Browser Compatibility.docxIC-Browser Compatibility
Identity Changes.docxIdentity Changes
Import Pictures Procedure.docImport Pictures Procedure
Infinite Campus Navigation.docxInfinite Campus Navigation
Infinite Campus Questions From Demonstrations.docxInfinite Campus Questions From Demonstrations
Instruction Admin Teacher.docxInstruction Admin Teacher
Instruction Assignments.docxInstruction Assignments
Instruction Gradebook.docxInstruction Gradebook
Instruction Lesson Planner.docInstruction Lesson Planner
Instructions for submitting an automated help desk ticket.pdfInstructions for submitting an automated help desk ticket
Intervention Services.docIntervention Services
JANUARY - ADMIN Set Up Calendar Roll.docJANUARY - ADMIN Set Up Calendar Roll
JANUARY - Calendar Roll.docxJANUARY - Calendar Roll
Long Term Sub.docxLong Term Sub
Monthly Calendar of Registrar Tasks.pdfMonthly Calendar of Registrar Tasks
New Year Roll Calendar_2019-2020.docxNew Year Roll Calendar_2019-2020
NWEA Daily File Upload.docNWEA Daily File Upload
NWEA Login Instructions.docNWEA Login Instructions
October Count.docOctober Count
Online Registration Checklist.docxOnline Registration Checklist
Parent Portal Access agreement.pdfParent Portal Access agreement
Parent Portal Activation Letter ScholarsMart.docParent Portal Activation Letter ScholarsMart
Parent Portal Quick Guide Spanish .docParent Portal Quick Guide Spanish
Parent Portal Quick Guide Spanish.pdfParent Portal Quick Guide Spanish
Parent Portal Quick Guide.pdfParent Portal Quick Guide
Physical Education Athletic Waivers.docxPhysical Education Athletic Waivers
PLP Contact Log.docPLP Contact Log
Portal Reset Password.docxPortal Reset Password
Posting Transcripts.docxPosting Transcripts
Pre-Coded Labels.docPre-Coded Labels
Program Flags School.docProgram Flags School
Program Flags.docProgram Flags
Programs Defined.xlsxPrograms Defined
Quarterly Registrar Meeting Minutes.docxQuarterly Registrar Meeting Minutes
Record Request (spanish).docRecord Request (spanish)
Record Request (spanish).docRecord Request (spanish)
Records Request (english).docRecords Request (english)
Records Request (english).docRecords Request (english)
Registrar Meeting Minutes Google Doc.docxRegistrar Meeting Minutes Google Doc
Registrars Flow Chart Student Enrollment.docxRegistrars Flow Chart Student Enrollment
Release Notes - V.E1226 Changes.docxRelease Notes - V.E1226 Changes
Release Notes V1226.docRelease Notes V1226
Release Notes Version 1146.pdfRelease Notes Version 1146
Release Notes Version 1202.pdfRelease Notes Version 1202
Relevant Updates - Upgrade summary.docxRelevant Updates - Upgrade summary
Report Card Processing v1213.1.docxReport Card Processing v1213.1
Report Card Processing v1213.1.pdfReport Card Processing v1213.1
Request for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (English).docRequest for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (English)
Request for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (English).docRequest for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (English)
Request for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (Spanish).docRequest for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (Spanish)
Request for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (Spanish).docRequest for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (Spanish)
Revised Weekly Progress Reporting.docxRevised Weekly Progress Reporting
Roster Set up.pdfRoster Set up
Scheduling Group.pdfScheduling Group
School Site Student Enrollment.docSchool Site Student Enrollment
School_OLR Staff Processing.docSchool_OLR Staff Processing
Staff Planner.pdfStaff Planner
Start of School Checklist.docStart of School Checklist
State Reporting Exceptions.docState Reporting Exceptions
Student Enrollment and Withdrawal Training Guide (13-14).pdfStudent Enrollment and Withdrawal Training Guide (13-14)
Student EOY 8th Grader Not Rolling to Next School Year (1).docxStudent EOY 8th Grader Not Rolling to Next School Year (1)
Student Grade Reassignment.docStudent Grade Reassignment
Student Portal Registration.docxStudent Portal Registration
Student Withdrawal.docStudent Withdrawal
Superintendent Policy 5020 Student Attendance.pdfSuperintendent Policy 5020 Student Attendance
Teacher Attendance Procedures.docTeacher Attendance Procedures
Teacher Manual.docxTeacher Manual
Teacher of Record_OLD.docxTeacher of Record_OLD
Teacher Posting Term Task.docTeacher Posting Term Task
Teacher Student Roster Mailing Labels.docxTeacher Student Roster Mailing Labels
Trait Reporting.docxTrait Reporting
Transportation Adjustment Reconciliation.docTransportation Adjustment Reconciliation
Transportation Student Fees.docTransportation Student Fees
Upgrade summary.docxUpgrade summary
User Account Password Reset.docUser Account Password Reset
User Password and Email 5.17.docxUser Password and Email 5.17
Using folders to organize Ad Hoc Queries.docxUsing folders to organize Ad Hoc Queries
Using IC Help.docUsing IC Help
V1310 Summary.docxV1310 Summary
Withdrawal Process Standards.docxWithdrawal Process Standards